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The Red Thread

This garden represents a modern interpretation of this myth. Two oak character posts stand at opposite corners of the garden symbolising people destined to meet.

Near Future Garden

As visitors enter the garden they follow a meandering path embedded with footprints. The centre of the garden, visible as a vortex of black ‘oil’, represents our heavy carbon use. It appears to be slowly draining away as we continue to burn fossil fuels.

The World Vision Garden

The World Vision Garden symbolises journeys of life. Inspired by the lives of children around the world, the floating waves of turf each represent an individual life.

Musical-inspired floral creation wins Silver at Hampton Court Flower Show

Students from Capel Manor College’s Gunnersbury Park centre planned and created a mouth-watering Charlie and the Chocolate Factory floral display at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this week and achieved a Silver Award. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory floral display won a Silver Award The theme for the RHS Floristry College of the Year competition…